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This is the best aggregate for high-grade concrete, and as it comes in a variety of shades, like grey, red and pink, it can also be used as a decorative feature. Granite itself is composed of feldspar, quartz and mica crystals, which dictate the colour of the stone.

The coarse aggregate has a size greater than 4.75mm.They should be hard and strong.They may be crushed or partially crushed gravel which is retained on 4.75mm. classification of aggregate Coarse aggregate is used for making concrete and other functions are almost same as that of fine aggregate.The particle size analysis is done by using gradation curve of sieve analysis curve.Flaky and elongated aggregate should be avoided.
Gravel aggregates are sourced by sifting quarried rock and crushing natural stone. Gravel aggregates don’t possess as much strength as their granite counterparts, but they are often cheaper to purchase. Another, somewhat niche, but nevertheless positive quality is that it has a low radioactive content. Gravel aggregates are used for foundations and concretes, as well as products made of reinforced concrete and materials used in road construction.
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