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After a massive catastrophe created by earthquake in 2014, the construction industry of Nepal had a huge challenge to rethink the way we built our houses and buildings. Our young founder Mr. Abhinayak Malla, who then had just returned from Switzerland, completing his masters degree, found that there is a huge market gap in this sector. Moreover, he also had been a victim of unethical time consuming construction practice, where his family had to bear almost double the price to build their own commercial building at Biratnagar. This was mainly due to unmanned middle man and unprofessional business environment that the price of all the building materials inflated many folds. He then decided to take upon this challenge as an opportunity to make Nepali construction industry more safe, efficient, Eco-friendly, convenient as well as cost effective.


“It wasn’t an easy business for a start up. Though I had all my academic studies in business and management without first hand business experience, it was a challenging task for me to convince investors, which was bank. This industry required a huge investment and no banks where ready to invest on my eco-friendly and cost effective construction concept. Unfortunately, it is a bitter truth that banks in Nepal only invest in established business houses to have secured investment portfolio…”

Abhinayak Malla

Our first step to fulfill our vision of making safe, eco-friendly and cost effective houses was to have our own hardware shop. Therefore, a small hardware shop was established in June 2015 with the vision to make Nepal’s construction industry more Advance, Safe, hassle free, eco-friendly not cheap but cost effective. For us advance means use of cutting edge latest engineering technology and discover better and latest building materials. Likewise, Safe means safety. “Safe Homes Safe people” is our main concern and is in our highest priority. Similarly, we want to create a hassle free environment for our client so that anyone, even a layman could easily build their dream home by providing them wide range of interior and exterior housing materials.

In the same year we introduced UPVC roofing for the first time in the eastern region of Nepal. We are proud to announce that we are the pinier of prefabricated (Prefab) housing in the eastern region.

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